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I'm a bit confused on these. Pretty much every business on Facebook im following offers competitions on a regular basis where you have to like/share their page/post to enter.


However, are businesses breaking Facebook's terms & conditions as Facebook specifies competitions/promos aren't allowed if they ask people to like their page/post to enter (i.e. because they HAVE to, not because they WANT to). Or have the t&c's been relaxed recently?


Im not against them, I think they are great (if used as part of a social strategy). However, I feel these competitions do open businesses up to being followed by spam accounts.

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As far as I am aware it is against Facebook rules to have a competition where you have to like or share a post. I have run competitions on my website and posted them on Facebook saying that it is no way associated with Facebook. I daren't do a 'like or share this post to win' competition after reading the rules. Many people don't the read the rules though and will probably never get caught but I have seen a couple of people who have been banned for a few days. I think people may get around it by saying this competition is not associated with Facebook or endorsed in any way by Facebook but I rarely see that.

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