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How are Sheffield Council Housing Points awarded?

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I'm sick to the back teeth of reporting things to the council, they do naff all about it.


They recently moved some heroin addicts on to my landing who have been nothing but trouble. Before these scummers were housed here everything was peaceful, everyone was respectful. I do not for the life of me know why the council thought it would be ok to put heroin addicts here? Did they not know that they were heroin addicts? It's not hard to tell, the track marks, the scruffy clothes, the "im not on this planet look", the aggressivness they show, the lack of respect they show people etc...


Within 2 days of them being here, they had complaints from everyone on the landing. They have arguments on the landing at any hour of the day or night, they have two alsation dogs, which in the terms of our tenancy agreement are not allowed. They have known drug dealers and addicts turning up at all hours, they can quite clearly be heard arguing about heroin and money.


Do you know what the council have done? Nothing, not a single thing. They still have the dogs which are a pain in the backside, they **** on the stairs and bark their heads off all night.


Ok I understand proving the arguing, shouting, banging on doors, swearing etc.. maybe hard to prove, the fact that they are breaking their tenancy by keeping pets in the flat is not hard to prove. So why hasn't anything been done?


Last week I couldn't even go into my flat because I was scared of a heroin addict who was going mental on the landing, shouting screaming, swearing etc... Why should I feel afraid to even go into my own home?


The sooner the council sell these flats to a private company the better. If they get rid of all the workshy, drug addict scum then things will vastly imrpove and maybe things will be like they were before the council lost it's brain.

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Originally posted by Spacehopper

8) Nah Den Ace........


Just being friendly, it's a term of endearment..........nothing to be afraid of! It could quite easily have been " 'Ow Do" or "Awreight 'R Kid".





Cool... just a general query. I have no problem with it.. just wondered why!


See ya round mate!

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