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Embarrassing Incidents on Buses

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Are you saying that you kissed a 'small fortune' goodbye rather than look a little bit silly?


Indeed I did - I was only 18 at the time and never told my Grandma that I had left a small fortune on the bus !

P.s., forgot to say that a rather nice young man who I thought was a 'good sort' was sitting a few seats away from me.

What chance would I have had had he thought I wore dentures !:(

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It would have been in the early 60,s, I had caught the bus ( No.30 I think ) in Pond Street, I was sitting on the side seats at the back of the bus, ( my favorite seat because there was always a good chance a pretty girl would sit opposite). Anyhow at the first stop after Pond Street, just after the railway station, this chap came running for the bus after the bus had set off. It was a wet evening, this chap had an old trench coat on with his haversack slung round his neck and decided to make a leap for the platform and grab the pole. He missed the platform completely, the haversack went spinning round his neck but he did manage to grab hold of the pole and hold on whilst the bus dragged him along. The conductor came to his help and managed to pull him on board whilst myself and the other people on the side seats almost wet ourselves with laughing so much. It just looked so funny at the time. The poor bloke was not hurt however, just very wet, with his trouser knees in tatters.


Derek Clayton Canberra Australia.

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