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Steel cladded roof.

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I have built a small gym in the back garden 10M X 5M :| and would like to put a steel cladded roof on it. Is there anyone on here who works on this type of roofing. I already have the cladding but just need someone to advise/design what structure the cladding requires using something like Z beams C beams etc, or can you use wood.


Thanks in advance


Something like this but on a bigger scale http://www.steelroofsheets.co.uk/products.php?cat=59

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im guessing here but you will have probably built the gym as a square shell ? so you will require a fall from front to back/back to front?.again just a guess but the length of the joists will be 5 metres from front to back. if i was going for the wood option go for something like 6x2 or 8x2 and remember to fix them to a wall plate fastened to the walls. if you want anymore info pm me your number and ill give you a call back .hope this helps

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