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Preschool sports clubs

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Does anyone know of sports activities or clubs for preschool children in/near sheffield? I have a very energetic 3 year old, he starts school in september but i want to find something for him now. We live on the north side of sheffield so rotherham or barnsley as easy to get to as sheffield. He is not fussed about football, so need something more general.


I have found out about the trampolining class at hillsboro leisure centre (has a waiting list, then you have to commit to a 10 week block without any taster session) and a club called 'bendy kids' the other side of barnsley. Google not bringing up any relevant info for under 5s.


Any preschool gymnastics or sports activities out there?


Thanks for your help

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Ecoo gymnastics has just start an under5's gymnastics class at wisewood sport centre on wednesday at 12-1pm, we have no waiting list yet


More info ring June on 01142344823 or email june.adams@yahoo.co.uk


hope this helps

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