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Nero the pup what breed is he??


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hey, i posted some pics a good few months ago when i got nero, and i was wondering what breed he was, i know he is staff x but the owner said he wasnt sure what with as his bitch got out, i then found out that his bitch was mated with an american bully, i posted pics to ask people what they thought and most of you said he was to small to tell, well hes now 6months lol and one very beautiful dog! i love this fella to pieces!! :love: im not bothered what he is crossed with really but id love to have some sort of idea, so i thought id post some more pics to see if any of you may have an idea if he is staff x american bully. some pics are a little blurry as he's not keen on mobile phones? lol :huh:












he's such a softy!, and he cant get enough of kids! he will follow my 3 everywhere, and if they are doing something they shouldnt be doing he will run around you until you follow him to the kids! xxid love to hear what you think of him and what his breed maybe. thanks xx

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thank you lol, im so glad i took him! i was abit nervous to have him at first as people still think that all staffs are bad dogs! but i can tell you now that he is one of the kindest dogs iv ever owned! the amount of effort he puts into pleasing us is unbelievable! hes just amazing! i still get the odd disapproving look but it does not bother me one bit as its them missing out not me! if i lived in a mansion there would be no staffs in rescue! i probably sound abit cheesy talking talking about him but i just love this dog!

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