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Venting: People are so Rude!

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I've had some pallets here for a few months and I've been trying to give them away and as usual a bunch of people get in touch and offer to collect, but they never do.


In this case, I promised to save them for someone until the weather got better and when he texted today, they'd already vanished and I thought he'd collected them.


Of course, he texts to say 'can I come at 2:00pm' and I reply with 'I thought you'd' already collected'.


To which I get the usual insulting texts back and smarmy comments. Is that the way of the world now? You don't get your own way and people think it's acceptable to be super rude? It's baffling to me. I'd already held them a few days and lord knows who actually collected the pallets!


You literally can't do anything good for anyone as it now backfires on you no matter what you do.


Rant Over!

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