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The dog warden service has ended?


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Can somebody who actually KNOWS, please confirm the ACTUAL state of affairs behind this post please?: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showpost.php?p=9646062&postcount=6


I'm hoping it's just a call handler giving misinformation, but with council cuts, it wouldn't be a surprise


Does anybody know the legal minimum service a dog warden is supposed to provide (beyond the bit about retaining a dog for seven days to facilitate the owner claiming the dog back)?

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All councils have a duty to provide a dog collection service. However due to cuts - many are butchering the numbers of staff in all areas.


Barnsley that is a HUGE problem with dogs and is a cruelty top 10 hotspot of the country with around hundreds of dogs found wandering each year - is now being reduced from 2 to 1 dog warden. They need to increase not decrease.


Straying dogs and dog problems - always show a deeper routed problem around but what do we know. All I know is that the few rescues around simply can't cope now and so will most likely just go under within the next few years because they don't get support financially or with people and the pressure is immense.


There is no solution - only the dogs will suffer.

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I've rung the 101 service this morning


At first the call handler said that there was no collection service at all, but offered to check the info on the system. 'the system' does indeed say that a collection service is available 9am - 4pm weekdays only, on a first come first served basis. I expressed concern that other operators may not be aware of this too, so may be misinforming the public, and he offered to ask the supervisor to send a reminder to the team. All dogs reported to 101 are logged and forwarded to the dog warden


Obviously, if you can get a lost dog to spring street yourself (up to 9pm), that enables the dog warden to get to those who genuinely don't have transport

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