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Myers Grove Comp in the 60s

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I remember Trevor Ford who was at Myers Grove met him again a couple of years back (Derek Yeardley)

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Yeah he lives in ashbourne now, seem to remember Trevor mentioning you when we were younger will pass your comment on

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A list of teachers frum 1964/5 [1 & 2]

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Jones later Prof Mel Jones




Miss Smith

Mrs Haycock






Miss Rutherford (Tasmanian)






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I went to Myers Grove between 1969 and 1974 and although I did reasonably well and left with a decent number of "O" Levels, I didn't really enjoy the whole ethos of the school and was happy to leave.  On the plus side, it was brilliant for facilities, with loads of playing fields, purpose-built  gyms, science labs, properly equipped domestic science rooms etc, but on the other hand, it was terrible school.

It was meant to be a comprehensive, but tried to be a grammar school - and ultimately failed to be either. If you were one of the more academic kids (which I was deemed to be) they assessed you after your first year, called you "the grammar school stream" then educated you differently for the rest of your time at the school. We so-called brighter kids did less subjects like games, PE, woodwork,  needlework, cookery etc - and more of the so-called academic subjects, like maths, languages and sciences. We were constantly told that we were "better" than all the other kids in our year group and I always felt very uncomfortable with this, because most of these so-called "inferior" kids were my friends - kids from my estate, kids I'd been in primary school with - basically normal kids who were no better, or worse than me. The kids who were assessed as being not very "academic" were basically just thrown to the wolves - they had these kids out sweeping the playgrounds,  repainting the lines on the playing fields and sports courts - basically just writing them off and condemning them to low wage futures when they were only about 13 or 14 years old.


There was always a horrible sense of snobbery and elitism pervading the school - for which I still blame the then headmaster, William Hill..... a total head-in-the-sand snob, who really should not have been in charge  of an early, flagship comprehensive school, during an era when the old 11-Plus system was being abolished and a good education was meant to be the right of the many, not the privilege of the few.


I remember most of my teachers from my school years - some were nice,  many were not very nice at all. I tended to get on best with my English teachers - because that was my best subject and they liked my way with words! I'm listing a few teachers who taught me  below - but making no comment on what I thought about them ...  for fear of being sued for libel or slander....even now... 45 years later!! 😁


Headmaster - Mr Hill

Deputy Heads - Mrs Hedley, Mr Forsyth, Mr Smith

Year masters  - Mr Vinson, Mr Wardle, Mr Furniss

Religious Education teachers - Mr Vinson and Mr Wardle

English - Mr Dubberly,  Mrs Gunn, Mr Pointon, Mr Allen 

French - Mr Sheridan

German - Mr Barnaby & Mr Blaby

Latin - Mr Smith

Chemistry - Mrs Meek and Mr Magri

Physics - Mr Elliott

Drama - Miss Turner

Music - Mr Sampson

Maths - Mr Sorby,  Mrs Hopkin,  Miss Wiseman and Mr Beaumont

Geography - Mr Waugh & Mr Howarth

History - Mr Grinter and Mr Ibbotson

Needlework and cookery - Miss Bennett and Mrs Steel

Biology - Miss Evans and Mr Herringshaw  

Games/PE - Mrs Sherwood, Mrs Singleton, Miss Nutbrown and Miss Carrington


I also remember a very weird and strange member of staff called Mrs Hipsley.  She was a very scary character to we adolescent girls -  a very, very odd woman, with an expressionless. heavily made-up face and a very rigid, hairsprayed hairdo. She didn't seem to teach anything or ever be in a classroom - she just seemed to lurk in corridors and outside classroom doors - pouncing on us and punishing us with detention if she thought our skirts were a bit too short or that our tie-knots were not properly done up!

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Mrs Hipsley! Looked like she had a cat curled up on the top of her head 😱

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