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Life Long Careers?

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Hi, I was wondering whether it is worth putting future career ambitions on my cover letters seeing as everyone is going belly up and that there is no longer any careers for life any more as it just does not exist now. Maybe putting current career goals or something similar would suffice.

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Hey. Did you not READ all the great information in your last thread. Keep it simple. :)


It literally can't be any easier than that.


Keep your application letter as simple as possible and make your CV speak for itself (without being verbose (that's important in this case)). So keep any application letter to the bare bones as that's all they're going to want to read.


Really, if you're struggling to follow this information - and bare in mind, this is for a cover letter - then you need to go back to basics and really check out some websites on how to write a good cover letter.


This should really help: http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/cv/coveringletters.htm


Please look at what NOT to do as you've already done a lot of them, but again, this is really useful info :)

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