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How to get an article in Sheffield star

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Write your own press release and email it to them, you'll find the names of some star journos on twitter. I submitted press releases to the star and some journos and once the article was printed in the paper 3 times on different pages.

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I haven't got twitter. Will it be possible if you can send the following to the jornalist


Sainsburys on Archer Road are holding a massive event for Breast Cancer Care. We will be holding different activities throughout the day. We also have Peppa Pig that will be joining us. So why not get your kids to join us on the day! We have activities such as bag packing assistant, guess the name of the teddy bear, write a message on a loved one on a balloon and a Tambola. Prizes include free gym membership, meal for two at Nandos, pizza hut & many more fantastic prisez to win. The event takes place on March 8th and 9th at Sainsburys Archer Rd. Come and join us! Lets make a difference together. All donations will go to Breast Cancer Care. I would like to say a huge Thank You to the staff at Sainsburys who have participated, management, organisations that have donated.

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