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Peter at Autalarm Rotherham - highly recommended for vehicle alarms

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After my night time visit from the TGB community time to upgrade the van from cat 2 to a cat 1, posted a job ad on the forum having got only a couple of local results on google both of which seemed extortionate, and old forum threads were basically a bunch of people saying fit some useless system yourself.


Having had Peter recommended by forum user HORNET i gave him a ring, sounded very professional and got him booked in pronto. He's been today, done a fantastic job, dealt with the mental botched wiring my van has with a lot of soldering a diode here and a do-dar there all in with the standard price. Alarm works perfect and he was an absolute gent, gave me a hand to get the new steel bulkhead in place and wouldn't take a penny for the new battery he installed in my remote (which just came up through chatting) citing the coffee i'd made him as the fee.


Brilliant service (he came to the rural side of S6 from rotherham), punctual, professional and a really nice bloke. Could not recommend more highly. Thanks very much for a good job well done Peter. :thumbsup:




PS And if you're concerned about cost, 1/3 less than the only other installer I found on google that would come out to Sheffield for the same alarm system.

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