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24.02.13 - Manor Social 7-2 Sheffield Forum

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Sheffield Forum suffered their heaviest defeat of the season as they put in possibly the worse performance this campaign. They travelled to Manor with defensive problems as Ryan Lynch, Shaun Baugh, Nathan Jenkins and Jason Bowden were all unavailable leaving Forum with a makeshift back line. Liam Wales and Phil Gill were also unavailable for this game.


Forum made a terrible start to this game going a goal down in the first 2 minutes as a Adam Smith saved the first shot only for Manor to react first from close range.


It was 2 not long after in a very similar way. Smith parried the first effort only for the attackers to react much faster than the Forum defence to double the lead.


A third was added as yet again Forum failed to clear the ball following Smiths save and then a stunning fourth strike put the game well beyond doubt with Forums defence really struggling to take shape.


A fifth was added from the penalty spot before half time to leave an embarrassing half time score.


HT: Manor Social 5-0 Sheffield Forum


Forum juggled their pack and introduced Matthew Corker at half time for a rare appearance following his transition to the coaching side and Forum looked a little sturdier.


However, a sixth was added in similar fashion to the other goals but Forum kept plugging away in attack and Shane Middlebrook won a penalty that was well put away by Daniel Sheedy.


Forum added a second goal when Sheedy played a perfect throughball for Jordan Gladwin to run on to and slot home his second since joining Sheffield Forum.


Manor though put any slight chance of a comeback out of sight with a seventh to rub salt in the wounds.


It was a slightly better second half for Forum but lacked experience in defence as the covering players struggled. At least 2 are expected back for next weekends encounter with Smithywood which should give more stability. Man of the match for Forum was certainly keeper Smith who had an excellent game despite the scoreline, being unlucky with 5 of the goals after saving the first shot and denied several more goals for Manor.


Team: Smith, Z Crownshaw, Griffiths, C Crownshaw, Appleby, Proctor (Corker), Gray, Neate (Coates), Gladwin, Sheedy, Middlebrook.

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Thanks Pink,always good to read your reports,chin up lads,next week is a new start to a record run hopefully.

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