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Jack/John Bullivant


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Did Jack have a son called Roger and a daughter who's name was Diane [now Deakin]


Jack & Nellie had 5 children Kathryn, John, Kevin, Jaqueline & Jack - unfortunately the only siblings still with us are Kathryn & Jaqueline


Cheers M'Dears

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Thanks everyone for your replies!


It's good to hear everyone speaking of him in such high regard, funnily enough had a family friend come into work at the weekend and speak about my grandad and how he used to work for him and how people often knew what things definately not to say to my grandad which made me laugh.


It is highly unfortunate how many people in the family have sadly left us, some good memories with each one of them. As I previously said my father (Jack) named me Jack also in regards to how my grandad often preferred to be known as Jack and should I ever have a son would definately continue to pass the name down and tell the stories of great honour and ensure to cherish the name with great pride.


Again I thank you all for your posts!


It means alot!

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