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Looking for a male long haired tabby kitten


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We recently lost two of our much loved pets; Our black cat, Sam, who was 15 years of age died on the 14th February, and then on the 18th our Staffy Cross dog, Bandit, who was 16 years of age, blind and mainly deaf suffered kidney failure and had to be put to sleep.


We now have one remaining cat, Murun, who is also 15 years of age. He's used to having companions (a couple of years ago we had four cats and the dog) and so we'd like to get a kitten - specifically a male long haired tabby.


One of our cats (titch) was a long haired tabby. We got him from a cat rescue, he was so tiny and full of cold when we adopted him, and no-one expected him to survive, but when he died (of heart failure)a couple of years ago he was 19 years of age. We'd really like another one similar to titch - he was such a gorgeous cat.


If anyone knows where there is such a kitten available I'd really appreciate it if you'd pm me the details.



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OP pls see my thread i have just posted....i have to rehome very unwillingly 2 lovely cats and a dog cats male, brothers 2 yrs old and dog female 1 year.... all spayed/nutered, flea and worm prevention up to date, microchipped....07577496407

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