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Sharrow Club (fundraising for Sharrow events)


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Sharrow Club


Help us fundraise for Sharrow Lantern Carnival and Sharrow Festival


If you have attended, volunteered or just witnessed these events from your window you will know the hard work, passion, volunteer hours and dedication that goes into the Sharrow Lantern Carnival and Sharrow Festival.


Do you want to see these events continue, flourish and keep on promoting Sharrow as one of the most vibrant and creative areas in Sheffield with a thriving mix of cultures?


Sharrow Club has been created to develop a programme of diverse events throughout the year that can harness the talents of the local community and engage and entertain the public, while at the same time help to raise funds and encourage more volunteers for both events to ensure that they continue. There are a number of ways you can get involved:


Run your own event: we can support you with the publicity and organisation of the event


Include us in your programme of events: If you run regular club nights, events or workshops why not brand the event as a Sharrow Club fundraiser?


For more information or to become a member email creativeactionnetwork@googlemail.com or 07854983197

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