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Chainsaw and hedgecutter stolen 19/02

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Hi peeps, some little toerags have broken into my vehicle last night and stolen a chainsaw and hedgecutter. If anyone has them offered I'd appreciate either a PM or a call to the number on my website in the sig link.


Chainsaw is an Stihl MS362 with 18" bar.

Cutter is a Stihl HSA85 with an AP80 battery, they didn't get the charger or spare battery so this is proably the best way of identifying them.





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Sorry to hear this Andy lets hope they catch the ............ Is it just me or do you think crime such as this has increased in the past few months . Hope someone finds them for you .


Thanks autumn, it's appreciated. :)


This sort of crime has remained fairly constant for at least the last decade, it's targeted, they know what they're going to steal and sadly it's down to us to make it as hard as possible for them. It's almost certainly members of a particular "community" that like travelling but don't travel and who are responsible for the vast majority of arb kit thefts that are responsible and I've a partial index on a vehicle that was almost certainly them so fingers crossed the police will actually do something.


If not and the scum want another go they'll find the new bulkhead has a nice sharp artery shredding surprise for them if they manage to get through it.

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