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Can anyone advise on this please


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wanting a new kitchen ,new french door , window blocked up , to our semi,

in order to plan a kitchen we need to either move the floorstanding boiler or change for a combi, it must be past its best but it keeps passing its service, it has a british gas badge on the front

anyway bact to the problem

do you get a boiler installed by a plumber/engineer and then plan your kitchen with the kitchen places, and let a builder quote seperate for building works after the new boiler has been wall mounted? or is it best to let a builder quote for boiler / brickwork/ french door /:huh:

youre probably wondering why i didnt say let builder quote for kitchen

no real reason , its just they tend to stick to howdens most of the time

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A builder should go where you want them to for the Kitchen and in my experience Howdens are no longer the best. If is was you get the jobs quoted buy each trade and a few builders and see what you think. The gas fitters will be able to tell you were your boiler can go and if it fits in with your kitchen plans.


But always is the builder quotes the boiler make your he is using a gas safe fitter

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Hi, I could quote for all the work that needs carrying out, I don't use Howdens as I don't rate the quality or fall for the 75% off builders get quoted. I only use quality tradesman and materials.


I could do you a 3D cad drawing to show you the finished design and give free advice regarding kitchen, flooring and plumbing. Please have a look at some of my work on the link below.

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I think in this case you are better to select a plumber, see where they think the boiler could go, and see if you can fit the kitchen design around the ideal spot for the boiler. I would probably get the carcasses fitted once the plumber has seen and agreed the kitchen design, then you know he can only fit the boiler where it's supposed to go. :)


My preference is to use individual tradesmen rather than a builder, but then I'm a project manager by trade. At the end of the day, it's your choice how you manage the risk of having a big, expensive problem to sort out.

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