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Beautiful White Cat for Re-homing


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Sale Amount £10

Reason for Rehome / Sale Child allergic - she has tried all the sprays and medicines on both cat and child but the childs asthma is REALLY bad

Time Scale – How Urgent? fairly urgent

Has the Cat ever been in Rescue no

Location S2

Age & Sex male 10 months

Vaccinated & Wormed yes to both being up to date

Neutered & Micro chipped yes

Breed/ Mix moggy

Colour/markings white with grey flying cap markings, a grey spot on left side, and grey tail

Long/Shorthaired SH

Live in / Or in and out He hates being outside in the day, uses a litter tray in the day, but goes out for an hour or 2 at night

Used to a cat flap no

Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals lives with another cat

Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues none

Temperament absolutely wonderful, incredibley affectionate, really cuddly, wonderful with her little girl

OK with Dogs / Cats great with other cats

Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching absolutely

Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching absolutely

Good or Bad with Children brilliant

Dislike of Men or Women great with either

Housetrained prefers a litter tray to outside



Any further General Information you can share.


He is an absolutely wonderful cat, soo affectionate, cuddly, loves to be around people, loves to snuggle, will happily lap sleep all day. Her daughter 6, can pick him up with no problems, as can my four, hes even delighful with my 2 year old, he is just amazing. I'd take him but hubby has said enough to my animal horde, so I'm looking after him until a suitable home can be found.





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