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Victoria pub on Penistone Road


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If it's the pub I am thinking of Ronnie Nash and his wife Beryl were the landlords (lady) there for quite a number of years and by all accounts were very successful and I believe retired from there. If it's the same one, Ronnie was from Petre St near Botham St in Grimesthorpe and Beryl also from Grimesthorpe was from Hunsley St.

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My late wife worked at Swann-Mortons as export manager and to overseas visitors in there on a regular basis and they all liked to repeat their experience when they returned for further business.Ron and Beryls dad lived next door to me at Oughtibridge and he kept the travellers there at one time.The Nash's took over the Peacock at Stannington before they retired through ill health.

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I used to visit the Victoria every dinnertime in the early 60s after work across the road at Newboulds where I was a Driver-Salesman.Ron and Beryl ran it at that time,there was always a crowd of us winding down having a laugh after our shift.One of the regulars was Vin Kenny the ex Wednesday player he was a bit of a lad always taking the mick and joking,also a chap later to be known as Bobby Knutt who at the time was in a group doing the clubs.A lot of the salesmen were in groups in the 60s one of them was a manager as well!.I think Ron and Beryl had a volatile relationship because on odd occasions she came into the bar sporting a black eye,thinking back to that time I was single without a care in the world enjoying life to the full,happy days!

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I am looking at a receipt from the Vic. It says,

"Ron and Beryl welcome you to the Victoria Hotel"

I think it is from around 1974 for my parents anniversary and it's for an evening meal for 12.

Total cost £21.15

Sirlion £1.20

Mixed Grill £1.30

Fillet Steak £1.35

9 coffee's 0.96p


Those were the days.

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Ron & Beryl were great caterers.


Ron was a good cook learning his basics in the Army Catering corps.


Every year they put on a great Christmas meal for the local OAP's, each person received a Christmas gift.


If anyone couldn't get to the Vic they would pick them up or deliver the meal so they did not miss out.


In my eyes they were The Salt of the earth.


G-d Bless em!


PopT. Happy Days in Owlerton

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