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Is there anyone on here from the North Anston - Dinnington areas?


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The Loyal Trooper brings back nice memories of a good pint of Tetleys. I think it was what was termed a SPIRITS HOUSE in the late 50's early 60's where spirits came in a larger measure that in normal pubs. At that time I lived at Swallownest and the damn licensing hours were a pain. We used to go to The Loyal Trooper, then at about closing time drive as fast as possible and over the golf course to the pub in Lindrick village where closing time was later due to it being in Nottinghamshire, plus a lot of "afters" - even when the village bobby was in there having a few pints (and in his uniform).

I have lived in Malaysia for a few years now, but we do have Tetleys in some of the better bars in Kuala Lumpur - but not the same as a well kept pint at Anston

Grey Eminence - Subang Jaya - Malaysia - 8-21pm and still 93 degrees

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