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Use British Car Auctions

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does anyone buy cars from British Car Auctions? can you private mail me if you do.


need help






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I do and I've delivered them. But why the private PM?


You could be part of the 'insider' set up there that works all cloak and dagger behind closed doors, cartelling the prices, before the public ever get a sniff of only the cars the trade has rejected.


Then there's the trade and the Arfa Daily traders. Again, the named [and shamed] franchised dealers who work to their own shared agendas in inflating prices, defalting trade-ins and all behind closed doors with security keeping out the oiks!


Further down the food chain is the Arfa's who put in their unsellable scummy wrecks, all highly polished, and good for at least another 50,000 millimetres of trouble free motoring before the floor drops out.


Need to know any more?


Just ask Arfa.

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