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77 Year old Owl gets banned from Hillsborough!


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To be honest, he sounds like a bit of a character! His comments to Lee Bullen and Andy Daykin made me chuckle (although Andy is a top bloke), and to me, wouldn't it have just been easier to move him to a different seat?





By Nick Ward News Reporter

Published on Thursday 31 January 2013 03:07




A SEVENTY-seven-year old Sheffield Wednesday fan has been banned from Hillsborough – for alleged misbehaviour.




Life-long Owl Bernard Wilson, who has held a season ticket in the South Stand for 53 years, has been barred for the rest of the season by the club who say he has been warned several times.


But disabled Mr Wilson – renowned among fellow fans for shouting ‘attack, attack, attack’ – believes he has been victimised and intends to sue the club unless he is allowed back into the ground.


The retired pit electrician, who recently suffered two broken ankles and a broken shoulder, claims officials at the club have a vendetta against him.


Mr Wilson says problems started when he was forced to leave his usual seat to sit in one directly behind the directors’ box which offered him better access and more leg-room.


He said things came to a head when he shouted his catchphrase ‘attack, attack, attack’ at the recent Burnley game.


He was approached by former player Lee Bullen who is now a development coach at the club.


Mr Wilson said: “He told me to be quiet as I was upsetting people sitting in the directors’ box.


“I told him to clear off back to Scotland.”


Mr Wilson, of Laburnum Grove, Stocksbridge, was then approached by Wednesday’s commercial director Andy Daykin.


Mr Wilson said: “I said to him, ‘You used to work for United, clear off back to Bramall Lane’.”


Mr Wilson claims he believes he has been banned because the club is being ageist.


“They don’t want people my age at the ground because we get cheaper tickets,” he said. “If they don’t let me back in I will sue.”


But a Sheffield Wednesday spokesman said Mr Wilson’s behaviour was in breach of the club’s ground regulations.


“Despite several previous warnings, Bernard Wilson again used foul and abusive language at our recent home game against Burnley,” the spokesman said.


“When requested to refrain from using such language, Bernard further abused a senior member of staff.


“This, in addition to previous complaints about Bernard on an ongoing basis, has led to him having his season ticket withdrawn for the remainder of the season.


“We completely recognise Bernard’s devotion to the club and passion for Sheffield Wednesday, but this does not exclude him from breaching ground regulations without censure.


“We look forward to welcoming Bernard back to Hillsborough in 2013/14.”

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He's gone there for years - he upsets as many as don;t mind him.

The sensible solution would have been to find somewhere else to sit him - the South Stand is not really the place let alone near the Directors Box. He would be much more at home in the North Stand (even the top left corner if they could get him up there).

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Sorry but all this highlights is how PATHETIC football has become, he's 77 FGS been a ST holder 53 years. I personally think he should be given life membership & a free ST for the rest of his time on earth, I mean he's not going to start a riot.


It is crazy he gets banned, and that fat bald lard arse who who doesn't wear a shirt, is revered, I say good on you Bernard Wilson & I hope you win.


Mind he's not the 1st fan to threaten to sue the Owls is he guys & gals.

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