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Are they normal?


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this is probably going to sound really daft but nero's testicles are really small and not dangley :o and i wondered if this was normal for a 17week old pup? he already is trying to hump everything he can get his leg over lol :gag:, i just wondered if it was a certain age they ''drop'' im sorry for the daft question also he still pee's like a lady dog is that normal? xxx :P

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As for peeing like a lady, our pup still does it and is 13 months. I've read about male dogs who always pee like girls from birth to death!!!


We got him from six months old and even after castration he is continually trying to 'have a go' on the poor cat re humping!


His man nuts were never dangly the short month we had him before the snip. No worries :D

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