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Xrocker chair xbox and headset set ups

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We have a new Xbox connected to the TV via hdmi.


When we play games online the sound is awful as we get feedback, assuming the kinet is picking up TV etc.


I'm also looking at gaming chairs for my son, to be able to have in the front room to play his games.


So the questions are the best set up.

The TV is more than likely not to have audio out, I'm not sure if and where the headphone jack is and also it's very difficult to get behind it. (Can not do this each time he wants to play)


So can the chair connect to the Xbox directly?


Can headphones then connect to the chair for when he wants to chat?

Are we best with the communicator or double headphones, but again the connecting is what's putting off with these too.


Please help and also recommendation for chair / headphones.

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