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Woodwork/workshop DIY group/club?

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Is there a men in Sheds project in Sheffield?


Just heard about it on Radio 4

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I also heard it mentioned on R4, so I Googled "Men in Sheds" sheffield, found these:






And also this thread!


Perhaps someone else would have better luck in finding the right search terms?


The Sally Army site is quite hard to find anything in. and AgeUK seems totally opaque to me....


Ah-ha, found this one at last....




Good luck to all....

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Hello All!

I was just wondering if there was any more developments with the discussion of opening a Shed in Sheffield?

I am inquiring on behalf of my Father, I would love for him to join one of these groups to widen his circle of friends and find support within the community.

We live in Sheffield, so are looking for something fairly local.

I am also available to discuss options for starting a group, as like I said I would love for there to be one available for my Father.

Thank you, and I look forward to your responses!

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I started this thread, seems to be nearly two years ago. In that time Mens Sheds has become a whole movement, with the same kind of principles I had in mind. It must be common sense.

(Of course in that time I haven't done anything about it, I even moved to Manchester: a terrible idea! now I'm back). But its good that this thread has been keeping the idea alive in Sheffield. I still I think Mens Sheds are important and we should have some here.


I'm now employed as a development worker at St Mary's Community Centre (on Bramall Lane). We have a project called TimeBuilders, which helps people be active in their community; all sorts of people, doing all sorts of things. I'm going to ask around and see what the opportunities are for some sort of Shed in the Sharrow area. I'll update this thread and hopefully this discussion can continue.



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Here is something good:


Repair Cafe - Heeley City Farm - Sat Jan 24th 2015, 10 - 3pm


Got any broken household items that need fixing but you don't know how? Bring it along to Repair Sheffield's Repair Cafe and volunteer fixers will take a look at it and see if they can work their magic on it.

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I think it's a great idea to pass on the skills through the generations. It won't be long before some are lost forever because it just doesn't happen these days. We're increasing the throw away rather than fix it mentality :(

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Hi Everyone


I'm neither a man nor a shed-owner but I am interested in this stuff and I'm putting on an event at 11am on Saturday 13th June at St Mark's Church as part of the Broomhill Festival called 'Repair Sheffield'. I've been working a bit with one of the guys from Sheffield Repair Café because he wanted to publicize the work they do and maybe inspire people to do something similar. There's going to be a talk (or series of short talks) about the importance of repair and making followed by a discussion/Q and A where we're hoping people will contribute their thoughts and ideas (like the ones in this thread!). There will then be a Repair Café session during the afternoon. The event is free (donations to Broomhill Festival which is run for charity) and tea and biscuits will be served as well :) Google the Broomhill Festival website for more details.



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I'm pleased to announce that Sheffield's first 'Men's Shed' will be opening soon. It will be a communal workshop, open to everyone (not just men).


It will be based at St Mary's Community Centre, and it will be called St Mary's Mesters.


It will be a place where anyone can share tools, skills and community spirit. Where craftsmen and amateurs can work shoulder to shoulder on personal projects or make useful things for charitable causes. Like a garden shed, but bigger, cheaper and friendlier!


We need help to set it up; donations of tools and volunteers to organise and supervise.


To get involved please come to our public meetings:

Tuesday April 19th at 6pm, or Wednesday May 18th at 4pm,

at St Mary’s Community Centre, Bramall Lane, S2 4QZ.

To find out more please call James on 0114 223 0240.


We hope that this will inspire other neighbourhoods in Sheffield to open their own communal workshops. We think that very community needs one.

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Here is an up-date for 2017:


St Mary's Mesters Communal Workshop is open.


St Mary's Community Centre, Bramall Lane, S2 4QZ


We've had loads of tools donated, so now we need people.

Especially people who can supervise, who are friendly and have some common sense about DIY and H&S.


Please get in touch, call 0114 223 0240, pop-in to St Mary's and ask for Paul or James, St Mary's Community Centre, Bramall Lane, S2 4QZ.

We also have a page here: http://www.timebuilders.org.uk/making.html

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Gaunt Shops Makers Group - Gleedless Valley


We are a new group that will especially benefit older men who need to be productive, pass on their experience and make new friends.

We are setting up a workshop in one of the units at Gaunt Shops, and plan to make benches and flower beds for the concrete precinct in front.


We are running on Thursday mornings from 9am, on these dates:

July 20th, 27th.

Aug 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st.

Sept 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th.


Address is 181 Blackstock Rd.

Please call James for any info: 0114 223 0240

or email james.starky@timebuilders.org.uk

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Hi, I'm a recently retired OAP, I have a small SHED, which is covered by CCTV, some basic engineering tools, woodworking tools, plumbing tools, etc.., interests in 3D Printing computers robotics etc., no current close friends, as a shy older man, could possibly accommodate a few new trusted people.


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Hi, I'm a recently retired OAP, I Would welcome new friends or acquaintances

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