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Sheffield deal of the day 22/01/13


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Hi, does anyone know what is happening with Sheffield deal of the day, daily deals or whatever its called??

It was a bit annoying that they had the same sort of deals on over and over but as it happens I could really do with a discount for some semi permanent eyelashes.

They would probably have a deal on there. I've been going on the site every day for the last few days and it just says no deals available in this area.


Have they change web address or something....has anyone got a clue???



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oh...I take it that means the voucher is no longer valid ?


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Thats just terrible.

Maybe if she calls the company the deal is with to explain she might be able to redeem it. Its not her fault the site is down!


going to do that today hon, thanks for that x


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Just tried to email deal of the day, says the email address is not valid. Looks like we have been ripped off !

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