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I-phone lost at beauchief golf course.

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Not me my son


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Can I set this up now on my iPad ? Or should I have done it before .


If your phone has the latest os it will be on and yes you can find it via your iPad.

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Just thinking out loud rather than making any particular point....


IN THEORY - given that the golf course is private land, if the course has been damaged by those sledging on it, could the owners of these lost keys and phones that are appearing on Sheffield Forum, be prosecuted for criminal damage given their property being found there and a public admission that they were indeed sledging there?


Not personally bothered either way, just wondering is all

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There are hills on the golf course.


Sledges tend to go a little further than the exact bottom of the slope. Excessive sledging can churn up the grass underneath.


Maybe it's accepted, maybe it's not. No vested interest, I neither sledge there nor golf there (was walking through on the footpath and it looked busy)

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