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Did your school ever close due to snow.

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I have been listening to local radio and it seems as though every school in Sheffield is closed or starting later.

Now this has set me thinking back to days gone by and I can honestly say that I never ever experienced one days closure due to bad weather when I attended school even though we did not have the fancy winter clothes that most kids now have.

My trips to school included a mile and a half walk four times a day. All the kids had a great time getting there through some of the hardest and longest winters in living memory.

So what is different in todays World, are the kids mamby pandered, is it the parents or teachers fault or perhaps we where just tougher.

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I wish mine had have closed more often. Too many times I remember having to walk for miles in the cold and wet when they sent us home early due to weather worsening, and having to negotiate strange bus routes in order to get a bit closer to home, and that was the days when as a kid you didn't need a school bus pass, with all the regulations attached, ie times, routes, etc, and you could just get on any bus for 2p and they actually offered a public service not a commercial enterprise.


The city is not the same place, unfortunately, and I wouldn't want my child having to attempt to do this today.

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I bet you only had one shoe between fourteen of you as well.


Yes, our school closed frequently because of bad weather, broken down heating and water. I guess the engineering wasn't as reliable back then.


I don't understand why people find it difficult to accept that we can't control everything, sometimes the weather beats us. Usually those who think school is a babysitting device so they can go to work. (not saying this is the case here, as the op obviously went to school circa. Hovis period.

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My primary never closed, my secondary closed once. And I'm only 25 so it wasn't that long ago (totally added that to make myself feel better)


Schools close as part of the 'health and safety' fear all employers have adopted. However I do understand it, I used to work in early years education and we closed so we weren't encouraging parents to try and travel with small children under 5 as it really isn't safe. We had parents who had accidents trying to make it in in bad snow. I do think people over react though, if you can walk it then you should. That's what we had to do when we were little anyway!


I'm currently sat at home because I can't make it to work in chesterfield, theres no way I'm walking nearly 9 miles to then walk another 9 to get home. My worplace is closed to students but open to staff........ :suspect:

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We went to school during the 50's/60's and our school Carfield closed for one day which was the great storm of 15th. February 1962 but, we didn't know until we'd walked there through the gales. Snow never closed the school even though the boiler used to break down, we wore extra clothing.

I'm not suggesting that this should happen nowadays, just stating facts.

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