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Are you walking your dog?


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Mine wouldn't thank me for taking her on a field in this. She would disappear! She's only a little yorkie and hates the white stuff as much as I do.

We have a concrete yard surrounding our house with steps up to a large garden.

She loves the garden.........but not in the snow. I have to go out and shovel pathways around the house for her so that she doesn't get her dainty little toes too cold and wet when she relieves herself.


Don't get the wrong idea about her though...........she has the heart of a lion and thinks she's as big as one as well...............but she doesn't like the rain or the snow. lol.

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our X staffy hates this weather you would have to drag her along the floor to get her out in it :hihi: our GSD would live in it, she's a pain in backside when it snows, she goes mad to get out in it, she throws herself all over & rolls in it :hihi: our tiny Yorkillon just gets buried in it so we just clear a spot in garden for her :hihi:

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