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Cuts in mobile library services

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As a regular user of the mobile library service, I was disappointed to learn that this service, too, may face closure. I am sure that this was not mentioned in the newspaper articles last week ( forgive me if I'm wrong).


When my children were small we had a proper library in Handsworth. This was closed,we were told at the time, because of asbestos. We were promised that a new one would be built. Of course, it never was and the land has since had four houses built on it. The mobile library service was started some time later.


Last year the service to Handsworth was cut to just once a fortnight but this is still very much appreciated by its customers. As well as visiting estates in and around Sheffield, the mobile library service also visits several schools and nurseries and I think this is a great way to encourage children to choose and read books.


It would be such a shame to lose this service and I hope that Sheffield City Council will think long and hard, and take a more long term view before making their decisions. Once the service is gone, it will never come back.


I have completed several consultation questionnaires regarding the library service over the last couple of years and asked for the service not to be taken away, as have many other people, I'm sure. I shall now be writing to councillors again. Please do the same if you use the mobile library service. It may not do any good but if we don't speak up, we can't complain if the service is closed.

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Where is the mobile library service based?




If you go on the council website, and find the mobile libraries page, there is a map showing where the mobile library currently stops with the dates and times. If library branches do finish up closing, it is really important that the mobile service survives to provide some sort of service to areas of the city that won't have a library branch nearby. It's not easy for older folk to carry books long distances, and up some of our hills. Folk in some parts of the city already have a long way to go to get to existing libraries. Close some of them, and the problem gets worse.

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When I moved to Sheffield, I was actively looking for a job. Being that it was 2011 and all that, I figured I needed an internet connection. Problem was, I'd unwittingly moved to a non-cabled area and so had to wait SIX WEEKS for Openreach (no other network allowed, all Sky Talk-Talk etc had to go through them). If it wasn't for being able to use the internet facilities in my local library to look for jobs, I'd have stayed out of work much longer.


Close libraries once the private sector are able to provide internet inside a timeframe that's not a total joke.

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