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How well prepared are you?

Guest sibon

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Just made beef curry with a spinach side dish.


Plus 5 cartons of leftovers to go in the freezer. That should see me through to such times as I have to go out hunting polar bears.

I believe that children are our future. Unless we stop them now.


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I've got flour to bake some bread if we run out and can't get to the shops, but the chances of that are pretty low bearing in mind that we've got snow chains for the car, a big bag of road salt and grit, shoe grips, a shovel and a boyfriend who can use the shovel.


If all else fails I sit on the shovel and get the dog to drag me, cos she has 4 paw drive :)

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As long as the water keeps coming through the taps, the electricity through the wires and the nearby TESCO are driven to sell me stuff, I have my woolly bed-socks with top mounted fluffy pompoms I'll be as snug as a bug in a rug.


I'm looking forward to a bit of adverse weather to brighten up my life.

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I hope it does snow, but if it could hold off for a few more days that would be great. I have a week off soon and I would rather have snow while I'm off work so I can go and play in it :hihi:

I have shoe grips so I'm not worried about not being able to get to the shop to buy food, and I don't drive.

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I'm not coming round to yours for tea then:)


That's cos I'll be out playing in the snow:hihi:


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Two years ago when the snow fell quite heavily, the misses had to call me to get back home as I had been showing off giving stranded motorists a tow uphill and pedestrians lifts.

Oh and throwing the old girl ( land rover, not wife) in to snow drifts.

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