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Bassist available - no heavy rock/metal!


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I'll keep it brief - I'm not into screamy stuff or heavy rock, I'm more into 50's-70's music and the early '00s indie/rock'n'roll stuff...


I am 29, have been playing for over 12 years and have supported the likes of Reverend and the Makers. My influences are wide and diverse (Buddy Holly -> Beatles -> Captain Beefheart -> Joy Division -> White Stripes -> Libertines -> Interpol -> Melt Banana even) - but I'm sick of all the "rock/metal" adverts you seem to get everywhere at the minute. Covers bands - feel free to get in touch provided you gig regularly enough to actually make a profit, otherwise I would much prefer an originals band...


I am dedicated 100% to the right project and have drive and ambition so if you have recordings (good ones where I can hear how its supposed to sound please) anywhere and need a bassist please PM me a link and I'll check them out...


PS - I know I probably sound like a pain saying some of that, but I'd never join a heavy metal band and I NEED to be able to hear the songs properly (and you wouldn't believe how many replies you can get with the singer sounding like he recorded it in a public toilet...) :-)


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