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Starting a Swing band


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There seems to be quite a swing scene around at the moment, with loads of dance classes in town and different bands play 'trad' stuff and more alternative styles.


I'd like to get involved by putting together a band. I'm not an expert in '40s and '50s styles, in fact I'm more interested in mixing things up than being 'period specific'. My main motivation is that I love playing music to make people really dance (as opposed to nodding along).


I play rhythm guitar or bass and sing backing. I have experience of putting together and leading a nine piece band, gigging around Sheffield. I'm 38 and my background is alternative/pop, but I guess that means that I think energy and simplicity are more important than perfect musicianship.


If you are interested, add your ideas and lets see what happens.


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I think there's an opening, locally at least, for a swing band doing covers of contemporary(ish) rock and pop tunes like for instance those on Paul Anka's 2005 CD Rock Swings.

P.S. Local band Carmen Ghia And The Hot Rods do a swing style cover of The Artic Monkeys' song Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor. THey often perform it as their last song or encore and it goes down well.

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There's been a couple of attempts to get something like this together over Sheff Forum in the past, I believe. I think there's definitely an opportunity for a band doing this kind of stuff - I can't think of anyone locally doing it and none of the bands from out of town seem to pass through, or not with any regularity at least. Personally I'd prefer to see something more "period specific" but that's just me, as Chip says everyone seems to love the Hot Rods' Artic Monkeys cover so I think you could mix things up a fair bit.


Now all you need is the rest of the band!

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