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Laptop gone haywire?


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Bits of food, crumbs or other 'debris' could be underneath one key and causing the key next to it to be pressed? (more likely if its keys next to each other like pressing z and x appears). Failing that, a faulty keyboard, or accidental keyboard/country setting change maybe. (oh, could also be malware or something remapping keys possibly - try running a scan just to be safe/sure)

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lol to be on the safe side, I would run a scan with something like malwarebytes anti malware, just to make sure theres nothing dodgy remapping your keys.. then once youv done that and made sure theres nothing wrong in that sense, then take it from there.

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oh that might explain things a little


a new keyboard if its that.. depends on laptop and model, but they could start from £15 upto anything ridiculous like £30-£40.. and then cost for it to be fitted. Unless you know someone who can look at it and sort it out. (or find someone that can), still, the keyboard could cost as i say, depending on model/make.

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