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Thirsty Ear @ Harley, Sat 5th Jan, 10pm-4am, Funk/Soul/HipHop/Beats

Thirsty Ear

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More TE party nonsense to liven up those post festive blues!


No doubt by now you've blown all your Christmas kerblingy on Ghostbusters Back Pack, Mr. Frosty, Supersoaker 500, and Teddy Ruxspin speak & record bear... so we're keeping it cheap.


Plus we'll be having some good friends of ours drop by for some guest sets, and no doubt some back2back chaos come 3.30am.


Line up:

Matter of Fact, Infinite Soul, Powlo, Bad Touch + Friends



Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop. Beats, Bass, Reggae, Afro, Latin, Rhythm & Blues, Vinyl, 45s, Blah Blah etc...


Free mix cds.


Thirsty Ear & Friends

Saturday 5th January

The Harley


Free before midnight, £2 after


In association with Hantu Collective


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