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Buses in sheffield time table

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hi al anyone remember in the 60s 70s when you went to catch a bus you would go to pond st , bridge st and the peace gardens and high st, all these bus stops had a time table, the same in pond st and most bus stops, most of the time the buses were on time with regular inspections, there used to be a cabin on high st were inspectors would congrgate in their peaked cap and black gabadine rain coat i knew a driver then and the drvers were scared stiff if a bus was not at a stop at a certain time or leave at the proper tome he would also check the conducters log i think to see how many tickets had been sold bring back inspectors to check tickets and buses ran on times

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Times change and things are done differently.


The majority of buses are tracked by GPS which is connected to analysis software in the depot, so the management know exactly where all the buses are and where delays occur.


The buses are fitted with radios and/or the drivers have mobile phones.


Inspectors still exist, sometimes they are employed to regulate services but more often they are doing things like surveying passenger numbers, assisting in revenue protection or crime prevention excercises with the police.


Sometimes they may be checking up on bus timekeeping and performance, but they are more likely to be sat in an unmarked car than a wooden hut!


Yes, not all buses go to/from Pond Street. But buses are commercial businesses and they have learned their buses are more popular and therefore more profitable if they go where the majority of passengers actually want to be - which in town is where the shops, offices, bars, theatres and restaurants are!


Final thought - given that most delays to buses are caused by things like traffic congestion and badly parked cars rather than anything the bus driver can do anything about, how would it help having an army of Blakeys harrassing drivers?

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