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What will you be doing for others in 2013?

In 2013 I'll be doing this for others...  

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  1. 1. In 2013 I'll be doing this for others...

    • supporting a good cause
    • donating lots to charity
    • helping the sick, elderly or less able
    • looking out for my neighbours
    • improving to my local community
    • making my city / country a better place for all
    • supporting people in other countries
    • something else
    • not a thing, nada, nix, nowt

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2013 is upon us, so will you be selflessly doing something for others over the coming year?


Something that's just for them, not for you? Maybe a good cause, charity, neighbours, your city, your country, or folk in general?


Don't be shy, let's hear what you're planning to make the world a better place.

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I already donate financially to two charities on a monthly basis (would give to more but can't afford it) and give my time, knowledge, phone and diesel costs and whatever donated goods I can to a whole selection of others, including animal rescue, a hospice, a cancer support charity and a medical support charity overseas.


This year looks like it could get financially harder which will limit how much I can do in all sorts of ways, so it will come down to giving time and knowledge rather than money.

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Unless you're homeless, racked with cancer or some starving child on the street there's not much point in donating to you.


No mate I'm just at stage 3 with heart failure and cannot do anything round the home, or play with my grandkids, but same as always, I'll carry on fighting and looking after myself along with my loving family.

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Why don't you start us off then Tony?


Me Max? Crikey, well all of the above to a greater or lesser extent I suppose, but sadly it looks like I might have to drop my NHS Volunteer role to make space in my diary for a new social enterprise later this year. The British Transplant Games might keep me on the hook a while longer - we'll see.


How about you? I know that you do quite a bit locally, have you much planned for this year?

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