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Whereabouts of Margaret Andrews/Booker/Edwards.

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Does anyone know the whereabouts of Margaret Andrews (at least, I think that was her name before she married) who lived on Lowedges in the 70s & 80s. She married Fred Booker (later divorced him) and went on to marry Ernest Edwards (again divorced) and lived on Atlantic Drive during the time that she was married. I understand that she left the estate in the late 80s after the second divorce. She would now be about 58 years old. IIRC there were 3 children, but I can only remember the names Leigh (Booker) & Damien (Edwards).


I would love to know what happened to her as we were good friends back in the day. Please PM me if you have any info.

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I knew Margaret Andrews, she lived on the maisonettes on the roundabout near the church. I'm the same age and we all hung around together. Here sister lived in the same maisonettes as my parents on Atlantic Road ... she was married to a chap called Barry!

I use to be in the same class as Fred Booker too, didn't know they married?

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