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Scooter and moped riders - something to check in the New Year

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to all moped rider the next time a group of you pull in front of my and drive at 10 mph on penistone road i will do more than shout abuse at you a will knock evry single 1 of you off


Try explaining that one to the rozzers.

Don't talk stupid. Do you know what it feels like to have injured someone with your vehicle???

Even when its accidental & your not at fault the guilt is overpowering. I dread to imagine what it do to your soul if you'd deliberately aimed for a motorcyclist. Let's not have ridiculous comments like this again please!!

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i have no problem with people who drive moterbikes or mopeds its just very frustrating when your driving and you get a bunch of 16 year olds been absoloute priks driving infront of you and stopping for no reason sticking the middle finger up at you with no concern for anybody else yeah knocking them off might be over the top but they will get knocked off driving like they do anyway

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