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Meadowhall creche

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What happened to it & why did it close down?!.. Can't think of why a business like that would loose money & have to close down?!

It was in the lanes.... Quiet a few years ago.anyone remember it?!


Insurance costs? That would be my first guess. Second would be staff costs. These two alone could make it too expensive to run a viable business.

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I must say I am glad it is gone I got lost in meadowhall beacuse the staff weren't watching me or my cousin when my mum and aunty left us there they said we werent brought in by our parents, so we ended up walking round meadowhall on our own security guards found us and called our parents over a big speaker. glad the security guards were good!

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It only closed when Meadowhall flooded a few years back - it never reopened after the flood, don't know why, it was open and running prior to the flood. I have to say, I left my daughter there once or twice and always found the security to be very good. Password system and locked doors and receipts - never had any issue about leaving her there, although as I say it was only ever once or twice for an hour max.

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