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Locked out of laptop


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my son has phoned to say he is locked out of his laptop. As soon as he switches it on the screen is black and there is a box requesting a password. Is it possible to override this somehow?? His F8 attempts do not work.


Sounds like bios password.


3 ways I know of to fix this


1, remove internal button battery or jumper

2, in the old days you rewired a printer connector to override the jumper to reset bios.

3, google make and model for a default bios password.

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answer to BluePolo - no it was OK last night and this morning he was locked out

NeeeeeeeeeK and Mozalan - he says he has never set a password on it, it just opens immediately to desktop.

I am not sure what model but I know its a Dell - its also very old 5 years!!!

Will try and get more info but its Christmas and he will no doubt be out enjoying himself!!!whilst sad old Mum is 'surfing the net'!!!

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