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An Interesting Idea


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Myself and my Fiancee have just had an interesting idea.

We were reading the post about someone wanting a wedding photographer for free. I like many on here have mixed feelings about that (but thats for another thread).


We are in the position of needing a wedding tog and are also on a very tight budget. We are both part time sports photographers. We cover top flight British Basketball and this summer covered the paralympic games.


We had the idea of maybe togs trading off experience/skills. For example, we need a wedding tog, we're on a budget, but being togs all we would need is the images, which we could edit ourselves. In return we could offer the chance for the tog to come and have some time working with us at a basketball game, passing on some of our knowledge and skills as payment if you like.





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yeh, great idea, all you need now is a tog who likes doing weddings for no payment in terms of cash and who is also a basketball fan that wants some coaching on how to photograph a game, good look with the search is all i can say !

having photographed virtually all the BBL teams myself over recent years you will find most of these teams will let any half competant tog attend a game as long as they chuck a cd of pics to the club after.

to be honest you would be better just saying you want a tog to do your wedding and can only pay £xxxx

atleast they will know where they stand and that way you dont have to wait for a tog to come along who likes british basketball.

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Hi, Thanks both for your replies.

Repo, i get where you're coming from and I was just stating what i was considering. But what about others who have a particular skill and are prepared to share it in return for another. For example someone good at macro offering that skill in return for landscape knowledge?

I know my request was slightly different, im wanting someone to pull the trigger at my wedding because I can't.


As for your comments about basketball photography I'm glad you consider it so easy to get on with. I have been working hard at it for a number of years, I would not be offering just an oppotunity to turn up and shoot, but my knowledge, creative ideas, even camera kit if required and links to people I have contacts with.


But feel free to contact your local team and shoot in return for a disc full of images and no payment... isn't that like volunteering to shoot a wedding for no money which often gets slated on this forum?


My initial idea was a chance for photographers on here and upskill/try something different. I stated my own situation as a rough example.


Enjoy the rest of christmas day.

Best wishes


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hi Rob,


you did ask for thoughts didn't you ? I gave you my considered thoughts.

I fully understand where you are coming from but be realistic, how many many learner or limited experience wedding togs are there out there that will have the balls to do your wedding pics BUT also fancy having a go at basketball photography as payment for doing what could be a good half days work at your ceremony ? I dont think there will be many if any at all.

my considered opinion is that on your limited budget offer a learner tog that is interested in doing weddings a hundred pounds or there abouts and I think then you will have someone take you up on it.

I also didnt say basketball photography was easy, I said gaining access was relatively easy, I did it a number of years ago and gained my press pass from the BBL which allowed me access to any game I wanted, the end of season finals were just as easy, 1 phone call and my name was down on the press list, its not rocket science !

finally comparing doing a wedding for free to a basketball match is nonsense, when any budding tog is starting off and sooner or later they take the plunge into wedding photography, maybe for a mate or family friend there is always some pressure to obtain photos the happy couple will cherish and remember their day by even if the tog is only being paid a very minimum, doing a basketball game the pressure really is only on yourself to get something to prove to yourself you and your kit can do it, if after a game you got sod all because your skill level and kit arnt upto it then no one within the teams would be bothered because they would most likely be other pro snappers there anyway, at the wedding you are most likely the one tasked with covering the main shots, fail and then see what it feels like to tell the bride and groom you have no decent snaps !!!

no comparison in my book.

good luck with your search and all the best for 2013

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I think its an interesting subject, I can see how it may work, but maybe not in the criteria you have offered, i would be surprised if a TOG who was very competent in wedding photography would then need help and advice with a basketball game.


As REPO MAN has suggested above, i think there needs to be a bit more on offer for the deal to work for both parties. You could maybe chuck in some editing training in lightroom or photoshop or go to Doncaster zoo and capture some wildlife photography, or a critique of your wedding photos taken etc....then that could be the ideal opportunity to someone building thier portfolio as a) they get exposure to take a wedding, b) they get two training sessions with professional photographers and a critique of thier work.....or maybe they get to borrow your decent lenses, obviously they would have to be insured but good luck with your search :)

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