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Learning to ride your first two wheeler.


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It must have been about 1950, when me dad came home with this second hand bike.

I can't swear to it but I think it was an ex. GPO, bike and he'd bought it to go to work on, well a least that was the idea.

But I must have either made a reight fuss or he changed his mind because of the hills, ( we lived on the Arbourthorne back then), anyway, instead of sharing it, it finished up being mine...

Although with the saddle at it's lowest point I still had to struggle to reach the peddles, in fact at first me dad had to make some wooden blocks to fit on the peddles for me, and to dismount I had to fall off, but I loved that bike.


He took me onto the nearest bit of flat road, Northern Avenue, and ran behind me holding on to the saddle, and I can still remember the elation I felt when he let go and I finally stayed on, I could ride a bike...

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Got my 1st for xmas 1962,remember coming off it on Northlands,luckily just a few grazes.


My first bike incident was on Northlands too !! Well, trike actually. As a very young toddler, one of my back wheels went down a grate resulting in a small scar on my chin that I carry to this day nearly sixty years later ! It was probably on Northlands where I started on two wheels. My gran lived at no.6.

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My paernts for buyin things 'for you to grow into' as a result I had an huge Raleigh bike, and had to have blocks put on the pedals so I could reach them, that would 1952-53(?) The mind plays tricks after all these years, but \i do remember getting a birthday every year from the company until I was about 12!!

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We never came home from school at lunch time, so why did I this day? Probably 'cos I had ridden my bike to school that morning, I reckon it might have been the first time I came home for lunch. Not only that but when I got home mum sent me to the shop for summat. So I was riding on the pavement, peddaling like fury, I had it banked over like Barry Sheene but I was going too fast and I hit the roadsign. One of those with 2 concrete posts about 4 foot apart. It was nasty. I didn't get back to school that day. Big lesson.

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