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Surprising tale of public service efficiency in Rotherham

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Tuesday night at around 10.30pm I was driving home from work. Anyone who knows Rotherham might know Ulley near Swallowness. Anyway I just drove through Ulley and was heading down towards the bridge which crosses the lake.


As I come round the corner there was a massive massive massive pile of construction materials and other crap which had been fly tipped in the layby.


Anyway after a few hours sleep in lovely Sheffield I headed back to work at 7am this next morning, going past the pile of crap I saw that someone had put cones around it. That was quick...


That afternoon when I was on my way back to Sheffield I drove past the same place and just like magic the crap had been moved!



I have to say I was shocked. Well done to what ever council or private company provides the service.

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