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I came upon this FOI request re halal meat. It should be interesting.


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From: Steven Harrison


16 December 2012


Dear Sheffield City Council,

Under the freedom of Information act can I request an up to date

list on all schools covered by Sheffield City Council that serve

Halal Meat and a List of Schools that offer an alternative meat to

Non Muslim children


Yours faithfully,


Steven Harrison


What's the betting he doesn't get a straight answer to that one?

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Why should it be interesting?


I find it interesting and it seems to have interested you enough to respond.


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Some people have far too much time on their hands, evidently.


I'm sure you have Phil.

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I am wondering how much it costs the council to answer freedom of information requests.

I would guess that someone is nearly full time answering trivial requests

Think I might request the information.


It wouldnt be the same person answering the lot (of course :) ), but many organisations do have one named person who is the central point for information to go to, who then merges the info into one response.

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