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You and Yours Radio/Puppy Farming


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Have found about this via Dogs Today magazine:


Our lovely friends at Radio 4 You and Yours are going to do something on puppy farming very shortly and they need help finding some good case histories. Here's the brief:


"We are keen to look at the welfare of the dogs that are for sale in the UK.

"Where have they come from?

"What sort of health problems do they have?

"When you search online for a puppy – pics of dogs in cages appear, not in a domestic setting, but in yards surrounded by concrete.

"There are pics of little boys holiday pics of baby whippets for sale. Who are these people?

"And then what about the people buying them? What happens when they get a bad dog?


"We need some real people.

"Can you help us find someone who’s bought from someone who turned out to be dodgy. Or the dog was in bad health?"


Can you email me and I will forward - or post comments on here as the You and Yours team will be reading this page. Great opportunity to get this topic aired sensibly on a VERY good, high profile show. Please cross post! Thank you My email is beverley@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk

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i could get in touch with someone who had one of June & gorges puppy's

before she got Archie she had 2 basset hound puppy's from a puppy farm

( she wasn't aware they was puppy farm puppy's ) & she lost both of them

at a very young age it was very emotional for her when she got Archie

& he is doted on i'm still in touch with her would she have to come & be on

the radio show as i don't think it would be possible as she lives in ireland

we are going to go & see him next year when we go on holiday :) to ireland

we are so excited :)

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I'm surprised there haven't been more posts too. I have emailed the contact provided about Alice. She wasn't from a puppy farm but from a stud owner who intended to breed from her, she was pick of the litter until they realised her left eye had lots of problems and she isn't suitable for breeding with. Not too bad but the stud owner lied to us about it all and it wasn't until I'd had Alice a week that I realised there was something wrong with her eye. After she had seen an eye specialist and we had the facts, we pieced the story together. We would have still bought her even if they hadn't lied there was just no need for the lies.

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