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2014 Tour de France will start in Yorkshire and come to Sheffield

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City ov shame? Hav a word with ya sen! Or get ya sen over to s6 pal. Don't no what your looking at but it's Definitely not what's happening over our neck ov the woods! !


And in English.


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What do you expect? Its an event that lasts for a day. Its still generating money even if its for scouts a charity a pub or someone renting a field out.

£1m has been spent by Sheffield. The govt has provided a grant to the organisers of £10m.

Sheffield was expected to benefit by £10m in extra tourism and spending and £5m in marketing and media exposure. Not bad for a £1m spend. Seems the crowd today could have exceeded anyones expectations and hopefully that will bode well for stage 2 as people turn out after seeing it on the TV.


Stage 1 has been fantastic marketing Yorkshire and hopefully stage 2 weather permitting will be as well.


Good post :thumbsup:

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Yeah there's beers, music, crafts, burger vans etc etc.

Make sure you go to the bank for a loan first though. £4.50 for a pork sandwich sheeeeesh


Standard price for this type of event. £7 for a pork sandwich at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone today and £2 for a bottle of water.

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Well the live attendance at a Grand Prix requires the spectator to travel to Silverstone and fork out cash to attend. The numbers being recorded on the turnstiles


The figures for the TDF are a bit false. If the tour on one of the many stages happens to pass by a school when the kids are out in the playground the attendance figures get booster by a few hundred. There again if you happen to watch in Leeds and then pop into Harrogate and York you will be counted 3 times. So over the course of the event there will be many folk who count as 20 or 30 spectators.


I see one of the riders has already been pulled from the tour due to a positive drugs test.


The number of people who turned out yesterday was undeniable no matter how much you want to belittle it. I wasnt seeing many people being counted as 20 or 30 and as it is the weekend no fear of schoolkids being counted by accidentally being at school.

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Can't wait. Walking upto Bradfield for the beer festival. Pac a mac in hand


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Someone asked yesterday if Jenkin Road would have crowd barriers along the side of the street. The answer is yes, there is a crew out there now setting them up.

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Man...I am genuinely jealous of you lot being there to see it. Trust me to be away when the Tour comes to town.



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Thinking about taking my 8yo son to watch somewhere in the Burngreave Road/Gower Street area - where would be best to park? What time is the caravan due down there?

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3. Watch it on TV, but you will ever get to see the event again. You will see more of the race though. You cna see the race as well at the fan hubs or in the pub.



Obviously! ;)

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You do realise that Northern Rail is co-owned by Abellio, the international arm of the Dutch national rail operator?


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So, where to go for a day out to experience the Tour de France on Sunday?



Official spectator hubs for Sheffield will be located at Don Valley Grass Bowl, in close proximity to the Finish Line and Coronation Park before the Peloton tackles 'Cote de Oughtibridge' at Jawbone Hill (Oughtibridge Lane).


Further spectator facilities will also be available at High Bradfield, Wincobank Common and Abbeyfield Park. All spectator sites will be equipped with large screens, refreshments, toilets and activities for all.


Meadowhall are also hosting a free Fan Fest as the race is set to come right round the shopping centre before the sprint finish at Motorpoint Arena.




The Publicity Caravan (a procession of visual delights and free gifts from tour sponsors)

High Bradfield 14:01

Oughtibridge 14:10

Jenkin Road 14:37

Motorpoint Arena 14:46


The actual race

Bradfield 15:34-16:01

Oughtibridge 15:42-16:10

Jenkin Road 16:06-16:37

Motorpoint Arena 16:14-16:46




High Bradfield (Steel Stage)


The first spectator hub as the Peloton travels through Sheffield, High Bradfield is set to be haven of celebration on the tour weekend, with activities taking place from Friday 4th - Sunday 6th July.


Dubbed The Steel Stage by organisers, the hub will have entertainment and all the live action on the big screen with free entry to Bradfield Brewery’s first ever Beer Festival and a host of cycling themed activities led by Langsett Cycles.


In conjunction with the Yorkshire Festival, Sheffield’s Documentary Festival Doc/Fest will also be pitching their Tour De Cinema on Sunday 6 July for a series of outdoor screenings.


PUBLIC TRANSPORT - a shuttle bus will run from Malin Bridge tram terminus to Low Bradfield


Oughtibridge (Coronation Park)


Located in the centre of Oughtibridge village, just before the accent of Cote d'Oughtibridge (Jawbone Hill) one of the key climbs in Stage 2, some of the best racing views will be found at Coronation Park.


This community-friendly site ticks a lot of boxes for racing fans with a large screen, disabled viewing, concessions, toilets and children's play area to keep the little ones entertained. Arts activities and performances will be led by Greentop Circus, Oughtibridge Brass Band and Art in the Park to name a few.


PUBLIC TRANSPORT - A shuttle bus will run from Middlewood tram terminus to Oughtibridge


Abbeyfield Park


The Hub at Abbeyfield Park presents the last chance to see the race on a big screen before the Peloton hits Cote de Wincobank on Jenkin Road, arguably the toughest climb of the whole Grand Depart.


As a result Abbeyfield Park will no doubt be a great community hub with its own refreshments, toilets and a big screen to watch all the race action as it approaches.


The Friends of Abbeyfield Park will be combining their annual two day mutlicultural festival with the Tour celebrations to offer a vibrant spectator atmosphere. Expect music, stalls, art commissions, children’s activities, sport, dance, rides and more!


In addition to this, Greentop Circus will be on hand to perform unicycle demonstrations and training, Art in the Park will be running crazy bunting workshops for hands on fun and Little Red Light productions will be hosting a family picnic and fancy dress bicycle parade, so there’ll be plenty to keep everyone entertained.


PUBLIC TRANSPORT: train to Meadowhall Interchange


Wincobank Common (Jenkin Hill)


Almost at the brow of 'Cote de Wincobank' on Jenkin Road, one of the toughest climbs in the race, Wincobank Common will be transformed into a family friendly spectator site offering a two day community festival.


The King of the Mountain climb on Jenkin Road has the steepest section of the entire race - a 33% climb up the defensive approach to the Iron Age hillfort, which should make for an exciting spectator experience.


Like all the spectator hubs the site will have its own offering of refreshments, toilets, big screen coverage of the race and creative activities.


The Friends of Wincobank Hill will be leading the onsite celebrations and recalling the history of the area for visitors. Heeley City Farm will be building an Iron Age roundhouse complete with spoke wheel roof and panels decorated by local schools, Unbeatable Energy will be hosting drumming workshops, there will be dance, music and circus performers and biking activities in the Events Arena as well as, weather permitting, a falconry display.


In addition to all of this, artist Paul Evans will be enlisting the help local schools to create a huge eco land art piece to be visible from the air.


PUBLIC TRANSPORT - train to Meadowhall Interchange


Meadowhall (Fanfest, Orange Car Park)


Meadowhall is situated right in the heart of the Stage 2 route action, with the Jenkin Road hill climb just around the corner and the race then coming directly around the shopping Centre itself before the final sprint outside Motorpoint Arena.


As a result Meadowhall is hosting a free Fan Fest, not only giving spectators the chance to see the full race on big viewing screens, but also to stand just feet away from the cyclists as they ride past and gear up for their sprint finish.


Set to be a huge celebration for all the family, the Fan Fest will take place in Meadowhall’s Orange Zone Car Parks. As well as watching the race and the 2 hour long publicity caravan that precedes it, spectators will also get the opportunity to experience a whole host of fun cycling and non-cycling related activities and entertainment throughout the day, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of the 280 stores and over 50 places to eat and drink inside the centre.


Onsite activities include climbing walls, extreme mountain bike shows, mobile caving experiences, mini tennis and basketball sessions, while JE James Cycling will also be hosting specialist Coaching Sessions. Capital FM will also be broadcasting their coverage live from the site and presenting a live music stage.


PUBLIC TRANSPORT - tram to Meadowhall South / Tinsley


Don Valley Bowl (Stage finish)


Don Valley Bowl (DVB) is an official spectator hub, which will sit near the finish line. It will host a 100msq large screen, cycle expo featuring local businesses, pop up retail and restaurant showcase, entertainment, corporate hospitality and much more.


As with all the hubs there will also be a programme of artistic activity throughout the day, including a Poetry Zone, Pedal Powered Printing Press and Stannington Brass Band, while Art in the Park will also be creating some huge aerial view sculptures using local industrial materials to reflect the heritage of this particular area of the city.


PUBLIC TRANSPORT - tram to Arena/Don Valley


There you go.

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The weather forecast has improved already and the wind directions are more stable and connected.

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I'll be watching the Sheffield part of the race on tv through my fingers; apart from perhaps the oughtibridge bit, nowhere is particularly picturesque to say the least. Why didn't they enter Sheffield through Totley, the go through places like Ranmoor, then go past the university ect?

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cant see whats so good about a group of men riding bikes

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