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Bluebell Wood and Sheffield Park Academy Charity Single

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Yes mods that wud be amazing if you could please ?? X


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They've just been on BBC snooker singing bless em

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right everyone i know its xmas and money is tight but please spare a minuite to have a look at this and possibly buy please you can view it on utube

or buy on itunes https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/stand-together-single/id582712092

link above

or it can be bought in bluebell wood charity shop




the kids at sheffield park academy have worked so hard to promote this song theyve been on bbc 2 snooker champoinships in york , and sheffield wednesday ground last week and doncaster rovers

recorded in there own time in the school holidays all to try and raise money for this amazing charity


you can but this online via itunes or follow the link


please it would be brilliant to raise as much as we can and maybee a place in the charts :hihi: how great wud that be


please mods im asking could you make this a sticky pretty please ?????? so as many people see as possible


its been in the sheffield star and there hoping for calender the more publicity the better


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its only 79p to buy online its nothing

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