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Davys in Sheffield - Paternoster Row


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My father Tommy Clarke we lived in a Davys flat at page hall above bakery


Hi my names pat green and I worked with tommy in the stores what a great bloke.Dennis and Pete Compton where there at the same time. I was a van lad on the wholesale side before I went into the stores. Then into the bread plant.

Have a lot of fond memories of that place. Regards. Pat.

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i worked in the bakery on Paternoster Row between 1966 and 1969 in the Confec. Dept and also the Bakehouse. I used to hang around with some girls called Maureen, Rita and Kathy. i remember there was a lad called Glen who used to make the eclaires and was always singing 'Bend Me Shape Me' at the top of his voice. Trevor and Andy used to do the mixes. There was no such thing as Health and Safety then. We used to totter around in our big cork wedge heels with our overalls up our backsides. Our turban would be sat as far back on our heads as possible, Our lunch break would be spent in the howard pub!! Ah those were the days lol......


my mum annie used to work there in the 60s, she always fetched the cream buns home . i always picked the elephants feet,what memories

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